The Old Railway Station Food Street is on Qianmen Gate Avenue of Chongwen District in Beijing. It isn't actually an old railway station, but a food street on which restaurants and stalls are built like that. 

Old Railway Station Food StreetYou will feel that you are in old days' China when you are in the Old Railway Station Food Mall. You will also find attractive delicacies of all over China. The silvery bright lights shine the old wooden furniture, and the beautiful patterns on the cast iron chairs reflect the pretty and brilliant lights. These scenes will make you feel so posh and much cooler during summertime in Beijing. The Chinese style interior layout with old photos of past film stars, commodity advertisements and black and white pictures of old Beijing people's life, which are seemed like an old Beijing man telling an interesting story about Chinese capital's past. The models of wooden poles carrying electric cables, old airplanes, locomotives and other concerning old trains and railways of China are being displayed as interior decoration.

The fifteen snack stalls in the Food Mall are called as different old names of China's railway stations. Each of the stalls serves the unique taste of the corresponding place. The counter for ordering dishes is built like a ticket checking point. You can choose from the "train schedule" (menu) and "buy the ticket" to order you food.

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