Niujie Street (牛街) is located in Xuanwu District. It is famous for the Muslim population living, and the Niujie Mosque is the biggest and oldest Islamic Temple in Beijing. The mosque was built in 996 and refitted in 1442 and 1696. Apart from the Islamic culture, Niujie Street is also well known for its ethnic snacks. 

Niujie StreetOriginally Niujie was a guava garden, and the street had been called Liu Street (Guava Street). Muslim people were living on the street and the beef dishes they made were very delicious, therefore the local people changed the name of the street with a partial tone of Liu – "Niu (牛)", which meant bull. It is still very Islamic today on Niujie Street. Green is the main color of most buildings there.

The special snacks sell on Niujie Street are Wheat Tea, Bean Soup, Bean Curd Jelly, Bean Curd Ball Soup, Deep-fried Bean Curd, Meat Soup, Creamy Cake, Quick-fried Tripe and many beef products and so on. Most of the customers are Muslims and exotic food lovers

Transportation : bus route 10 or 626 until Niujie, and no. 5, 6, 38, 109, 381, 613, 715, 743, T5, or 822 at the junction of Niujie Street and walk about 50 meters.

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