Laitai Gourmet StreetAt Liangmaqiao Bridge Road (亮马桥路) that is east to Yanshaqiao Bridge (燕莎桥), turn left at the first junction, you will see a street that is opposite to the Women's Street, it is North Qicai Road (七彩北路), which is also called Laitai Gourmet Street (莱太美食街). Beijing's third embassy area and Laitai Flower Market are under construction at the moment, the roads for pedestrians and vehicles are also newly refitted, thus excellent business environment is provided. About twenty restaurants have opened their business here. You can find Sichuan, Cantonese, Hunan, Hangzhou and Xinjiang styles of China, as well as Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong style café, Western style coffee shops and restaurants and the seldom seen Lebanese flavor. The interior decorations are tending to be of high class. Their services are targeting Beijing's middle class people who have relatively stronger purchasing power. Car parking spaces are available in front and at the backyard of restaurants.

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