This Beijing's long food street is stretching from Liuliqiao (六里桥) in the west, to Hufangqiao (虎坊桥) in the east. Guanganmen Gate Food Street (广安门美食街) has been built and flourishing as the refitting and renovation of Beijing's southern downtown are done. Many of the restaurants on the street are serving tingling spicy cuisines. For example, Papa Li Restaurant (李老爹) is typically Sichuan of southwest China. Its hot Sichuan recipes, especially Spicy Fragrant Crab is very famous in China's capital city. Sichuan Tanjia Fish Head (四川的谭鱼头) is also attractive. There are old eateries and stores of southern Beijing style, too. Moreover, Muslim restaurants near Niujie Street are always crowded with customers.

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