Spring Festival Gala Evening is a TV show specially designed for Spring Festival. Each year, at 8:00PM (Beijing Local Time) on Chinese New Year Eve, all the Chinese, men and women, old and young, sit in front of the TV set with their eyes sticking to the screen, some laughing at the comical performances, some criticizing the poor ones. Spring Festival Gala Evening first came into being in 1983. Newborn as it is, it is a significant element of Chinese New Year Culture and plays an important role in modern Chinese life. Spring Festival Gala Evening covers various art forms of Chinese characteristics, such as comic dialogues, short plays, pop music, traditional opera, dancing, acrobatic show, and Wushu show, etc. Each year, the carefully rehearsed performances go on the stage one by one just like hundreds of flowers in bloom, presenting the best of China to all the audience. Each year there are great surprises. For example, the Thousand-Hand Kwan-yin Show in 2005 brought thunderous applauds. 21 deaf-and-dumb girls performed the dancing. As the music played, the girls danced gracefully to the gesture of their teachers just as if they can hear the rhythm. Everybody was touched at that moment. One could easily imagine what great efforts had the girls made to give such a perfect performance. There are disappointments, too, and the Chinese never mince words in commenting sharply on the bad performances, which actually promotes the continuous improvement of Spring Festival Gala Evening.

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