FirecrackerAs a Spring Festival Mascot, firecrackers are a necessity in Chinese New Year. It has a history of more than 2,000 years. It is said that when it was Chinese New Year Eve, the ancient Chinese would pile a lot of bamboo in their courtyard and set fire to it. As it got heated, the bamboo would explode with great bangs and help to drive away Monster Nian. It is a strange and terrible beast that lives at the mountainside and it only will wake up in the New Year, eats animals and even man in the plain. Later when gunpowder was invented, people started to put gunpowder into bamboo, which contributed to the strength of explosion. In the Northern Song Dynasty, gunpowder rolled and wrapped in paper. So the firecrackers' basic form came into being and was widely accepted as a replace material for bamboo.

Chinese people do love firecrackers. They believe setting off firecrackers can keep off bad luck and bring about prosperity. In cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, etc., firecrackers are under restrictions given safety and environmental protection, which means you are not allowed to set off firecrackers freely. In rural areas, as one falls, another rises, the bangs of firecrackers almost go through the whole Spring Festival. To children in rural areas, firecrackers are a big source of fun. They do enjoy setting off firecrackers. They may spend pretty much of their lucky money in buying firecrackers in the village stores, and there are varieties of firecrackers for them to choose from which. Most of them need to be ignited by matches. There is a special kind of firecracker, which explodes automatically as you throw it hard enough to the ground!


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