Chinese KnotChinese Knot is often considered a Spring Festival Mascot. It is a pretty symbol of China known by the world. It is also a very old and traditional knot-work. According to historical records, the Chinese began to tie knots to keeping a record of events in remote antiquity. Big knots for big events while small knots for small ones. It became a sort of decorative art in the Tang or Song Dynasty. Later in the Ming or Qing Dynasty, people named the knots and attached different meanings to them. For example, Ruyi (如意) Knot stands for good luck, and Double-fish Knot stands for prosperity, and True-lover Knot symbolizes true love. Chinese Knot is special and unique because each Chinese knot is made of a single unbroken string. Chinese Knot varies in color, style, and meaning. Red knots are the commonest while auspiciousness is the essential theme. Nowadays, Chinese Knot has become an important element of modern fashion. Today it has developed its own industry, which includes two major series: hanging decorations and dress decorations.

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