Founded at Wangfujing of Beijing in 1921, Yu Hua Tai Restaurant (玉华台饭庄) has been serving the cuisine of Jiangsu Province in eastern China for over eighty years. 

Yu Hua Tai RestaurantThe acclaimed quality of Yu Hua Tai's dishes comes from excellent cooking techniques of master chefs, some of whom have played important roles in Beijing's elite kitchens. They served in Beijing Hotel, the State Council, or as master chefs catered for China's premiers and military marshals.

Nowadays Yu Hua Tai Restaurant has inherited the great tradition of the past, the experienced cooks mastered in preparing delicious fish, shrimp and crab recipes. They use choicest ingredients and they know how to cope different circumstances and seasons. The tastes of the main materials are should be clear and the broth or soup is also important.

In addition to the east China cuisine, Yu Hua Tai Restaurant is also serving homely dishes originated from various part of China. Popular and mouth watering Beijing Roast Duck is available, too.

Address : Block 23, Yu Zhong Xi Li, Xicheng District (西城区裕中西里23号楼), Beijing, China.
Post code : 100035

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