Beijing cuisine is always so attractive to tourists at home and abroad, but you perhaps will find Western food be more interesting, especially when you are traveling in a foreign country. Here are a few Western style restaurants in Beijing that have some specialties recommended.


AthenaPassing the azure blue arch doors when you enter the Athena Restaurant, you may feel that you are back to the ancient Greek. The bar counter's back is a mural of scenic Mediterranean Sea. You will be instantly thinking that you are walking on the beach with silvery sand, flying seabirds and bluish sea with breeze. After all, almost everything here is to tell you the mystery of the ancient Greek culture.

The recommended appetizer at Athena Restaurant is Greece's Specialty. The most welcomed dishes are Barbecued Mutton and Greek Baked Eggplant, which is made of beef stuffing, eggplant slices, cream and cheese.

Address : 1 Fifth West Sanlitun Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China (朝阳区三里屯西五街1号).
Telephone : 010-64646036
Service hours : 11:00AM – 12:00AM

Gino Café

Established in Beijing 1995, Gino Café has been acclaimed with its authentic Spaghetti recipes, mouth-watering Italian pizzas, desserts and Italian coffees. Thus, Gino Café takes the lead in the Western cuisine market in Beijing City. In the restaurant, an opening-style ingredient display area testifies the restaurant's food quality.

The Italian desserts are made of choicest durum wheat flour, which provides fresh feel and attractive taste. The imported red and white wines are excellent too.

Addresses of branches in Beijing :

178 North Xidan Street (B1 Zhong You Department Store).

40 Zhong Guan Cun Street (B1 Dang Dai Department Store).

112-1 Xi Zhi Men Street (5th Floor, Hua Tang Department Store).

West Building, North Gate of Gongti (The Laborer Stadium), North Gongti Road, Chaoyang District.

Gino's website :


KiesslingThe historic "Kiessling" is the first authentic Western restaurant established in Mainland China. Founded in 1901 in the coastal city of Tianjin by German Wilhelm Kiessling, the restaurant has gone through over a century and become famous at home and abroad.

The scope of Kiessling includes cuisines of Germany, Russia, England, France and Italy, as well as bakery, candies and coffees.

In 1998, the Beijing branch was opened. It has a business area of about 600 sq. m. There are three sections of seat for your choice, German, Russian and French styles; but the overall design and layout is in German. Although the elegant decoration, the average price per capita will not be so expensive, it is about 80 Yuan.

Address : Room 206, Block D, Hua Long Food Street, Nan Yan He Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China (东城区南河沿大街华龙美食街D座二楼206).

Wang Steak, Xidan Branch

Taisu Steak – Taiwanese style full done beefsteak cuisine invented by Formosa Plastics Group's Chairman Wang Yung-ching and his wife – is renowned in the island and in the coast of Mainland China. Wang Steak has opened branch restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Suzhou. The well-to-do people in Shanghai have to queue over an hour to obtain dining seats.

Locals like to invite close friends and to have a date with their loved ones welcome Beijing’s Wang Steak, Xidan Branch.

Wang Steak caters well with the Chinese taste. Local people usually do not like beefsteak to be rare or medium rare. In the restaurant, the steaks have to be submerged in Chinese style seasonings for two whole days, grilled for about half an hour, and then put in 120-degree Celsius porcelain utensils. The beefsteak will be full done, but it is still soft and fresh taste.

Address : Northwestern Corner of Juntai Emporium, Sixth Block, No.9, Zhi Di Xing Zuo Building, Huayuan Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China (北京市西城区华远街置地星座9号楼6单元君太百货西北角).
Tel. : 010-58518201
Email :

Weilan Restaurant

Elegantly decorated interior and uniquely designed cuisine with all-sided customer services, Weilan Restaurant provides excellent dining environment for every exquisite client.

Dishes recommended : Polish Boiled Fish and T-bone Steak. Russian and French fare is attractive too.

Address : First Floor, Zhong Ke Mao Building (中科贸大厦), 18 – 3 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China.
Tel. : 010-51544800

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle serves Russian cuisine, as well as Italian and French classic delicacies. During important festival the restaurant will present some great special offer set dinners, also give quality red wine to customers free.

Specialties recommended : Braised Beef, Creamy Mixed, Germen Beefsteak, French Chocolate and Black Forest Cake.

Address : Fourth Floor, West of Chengxiang Trade Center, 23 Fuxing Jia Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China (海淀区复兴路甲23号城乡贸易中心西侧四层).
Service hours : 11:00AM – 9:00PM
Telephone : 010-68298460, 68298462



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