Like the Great Wall, Quan Ju De Beijing Roasted Duck (全聚德) is another must go place for a perfect Beijing tour. Founded in 1864, Quan Ju De is the first trademark attained by a catering service group in China in 1999.

Yang Quanren (杨全仁), the founder of this roasted duck restaurant, was a vendor selling chicken and duck products at Qianmen area when he had just settled in Beijing. He accumulated much experience in duck sales, so his business had been growing quite fast. He lived a frugal and simple life, thus he accumulated many cash. He often walked pass a nut store called "De Ju Quan". Although the name was good, the business was downtrend. In 1864, he bought the nut store. Chinese believed traditional geomancy, so as Mr. Yang Quanren. He thought a new name for his store and asked a geomantic expert, who told him that this was a land of fortune, because there were two tiny Hutongs on the both sides the store, liked two strong handle poles for a sedan, which would be traveling far, so great prospect would be ahead. However, he added that the old name must be read reverse to get rid of the past bad luck.

Quan Ju De Beijing Roasted Duck"Quan Ju De" just touched the heart of Yang, he had got the character "Quan" (全) in his full name, and “Ju De" (聚德) meant "having all the well doings" which could speak that Yang was a good hearted merchant. Therefore, Yang called his store "Quan Ju De". He hires a master calligrapher to write the name and then gold carved on a wooden tablet installed on the top of the doorframe.

Mr. Yang ran the business painstakingly and the turnover had been growing fast. He knew how to run a prosperous restaurant that hiring excellent chefs and staffs were very essential. He also frequently visited roasted duck stores in Beijing City to learn about the secrets of making excellent duck recipes, and he interviewed the master chefs. One day he saw a royal chef, surnamed Sun, who had consummated skill in cooking duck dishes. Yang Quanren wanted to make friend with him, often drinking and playing chess. After a friendly relation established, Sun was introduced with favorable salary condition to Yang's restaurant as master chef.

Sun knew all about the cooking technique in the imperial court. He introduced a tall and big stove that could burn more than ten ducks simultaneously. The produces from the stove were having beautiful looking, quite fat with deep and brilliant red color, also being extremely good taste.

Under the skilled technique of the master chefs, every part of a duck will be a treasure. They can prepare delicate hot and cold dishes while maintaining pretty appearances.

Hepingmen Gate Quan Ju De Restaurant (全聚德和平门店) is being the important venue for feasting Chinese leaders and foreign dignitaries in China's capital city. The interior design is based on the principle of ancient elegance. The "Celebrity Hall" at the restaurant incarnates the idea of praising the merits done by the three generations of Chinese leader since the founding of the new China in 1949. The dining environment is filled with auspicious images of the prosperous new China, also the old photographs of dining scenes of foreign states leaders visiting China in the past as well as the autographs left by foreign ambassadors in Beijing.

Qianmen (前门) Quan Ju De is the first of the brand restaurant in Beijing founded in 1864. The old wall of the restaurant has been moved to the grand hall, the old decorations, such as talking machine, cyan brick floor, wooden attic, black wooden cupboard and so on. Accompanying by the shouting sounds of young waiters, the old Beijing's atmosphere is clearly reproduced here. The Wangfujing Branch's architecture is an imitation of the Qing Dynasty's imperial style

For tasting Beijing Roasted Duck, weathers and seasons are important. During winter and spring, the meat will be fatter and softer. However, the best time to prepare roasted duck dishes is in autumn, because the air temperature and relative humidity are good. Also, ducks can grow stronger in cool weather. Summertime people do not like oily food, and the ducks are sweating too, so the roasted duck will not be as crispy as that produced in other seasons.

At Quan Ju De Restaurant, you have to wait about 50 minutes after you ordered a roasted duck dish, which means the duck is prepared and served hot. 

Quan Ju De Beijing Roasted DuckThere are two common accompanying food dishes to be added with roasted duck when serving, sweet soy paste with pieces of cucumber and radish, and garlic paste with soy sauce and radish.

The staple food is "lotus leave" bread or "hollow core" cake with sesames. The lotus leave bread is white and quite thin with semi-transparent look. Meat is dipped with sauce, added some cucumber pieces and wrapped in the thin bread, which is a most common seen. Something looks like a hamburger, meat is put in the middle of the cut “hollow core” cake and added some vegetable pieces.

Quan Ju De' Beijing Roasted Duck is very nutritious. It has abundant protein, fat, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, minerals and so on. Every 100 grams of Roasted Duck contains 19.2 grams of protein. This value is higher than pork (9.5g), goose (10.8g) and mutton (13.3g), but slightly less than beef (20.1g) and chicken (21.5g). The fat of the duck is evenly distributed the texture of the meat. This is the reason why the duck meat is soft and sweet.

Vitamin B1 and B2 are 0.13 milligrams and 0.21 milligrams respectively in 100g roasted duck meat. The amount of minerals contained in duck is quite similar to other kinds of meat (with the exception of entrails of animals and seafood products).

Glucide, an important nutritious value, is less in amount for roasted duck, but commonly, Beijing duck is eaten with thin "lotus leave" pancake and sweet paste. The thin bread and the sauce are having more glucide value than the meat. This will compensate the nutritious disadvantage in duck.

Also, Beijingers like adding scallions, garlic and cucumber pieces when eating roasted duck. These can provide balance between acid and alkaline degrees. They can also give great amount of Vitamin C and food fiber. Thus, they will reduce the intake of cholesterol value and help digestion.

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