Locally called "Bao Dur" (爆肚(儿)), Quick-fried Tripe is one of the best examples of old Beijing local snack. It is also a kind of Muslim food. Tripe is from the stomachs of a bull or a lamb.

It should be washed very clean, and then cut into stripes and put them into a pot of boiling water to cook thoroughly. By adding cooking oil, sesame sauce, Chinese vinegar, chili oil, bean paste and small pieces of vegetables, the dish is ready to serve. The Quick-fried Tripe is saucy and crispy.

In the past the preparation of the Lamb Quick-fried Tripe dish was quite complicated. Different portions of the lamb's stomach are made to become different dishes. The duration of cooking is also varied according to the toughness of the section. This should be carefully controlled by the experienced chef. The softest part just needs a few seconds to cook.

Quick-fried Tripe stores were almost run by local Muslims. Loved by many celebrities in the past, the snack was said to have the function to cure stomach diseases. Beijing people usually like to eat the dishes with Chinese white liquor.


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