Goldfish-shaped Duck's Web (金鱼鸭掌) is one of the dishes in world-famous Manchu and Han Banquet. It is a delicious Beijing local dish with great artistic and aesthetic values.

The making method is as follows : 

Goldfish-shaped Duck WebIngredient: 12 duck's webs, chicken meat paste about 100 grams, Chinese black mushroom 30 grams (water-soaked), water-soaked bamboo slices 15 grams, water-soaked fish stomach 30 grams, 24 fresh green peas, a certain amount of black mosses and 25 grams of cucumber skin. Also, 15 grams of Chinese yellow wine, fine salt 2 grams, wet corn powder about 20 grams, flour 5 grams, egg white of two eggs, 400 grams of broth and 10 grams of chicken oil.

First pour water into the cauldron, put the duck's webs and cook in high fire for about 15 minutes to about medium done. The webs should be drenched into cool water. Bones should be removed from the webs and do the same to some unwanted stuff. The palms of the duck's webs are facing upward and some amount of wheat flour is added.

Pour fresh water into the cauldron, put mushrooms, bamboo slices, and fish pieces to cook. Drain the water and cut the stuff into thin strips. The egg white should be put on a plate and using chopsticks to stir, making it becomes foams. Cut the cucumber skin in small stripes.

Put chicken meat paste onto a dish, add some yellow wine, fine salt, corn powder, chicken oil and broth. Stir forcibly, then add egg white, and stir again. It will become mixed-paste. Now, use hands to squeeze the stuff into goldfish shapes, about an inch length each. They should be placed on the duck's webs. The green peas are the eyes of the pretty fish, two beans for each one, while black mosses are put on the backs of the fish. The cucumber skins as the fish scales. The dish is to be steamed for six to eight minutes.

Add 20 grams of broth, small amount of yellow wine and fine salt, also Chinese black mushrooms, bamboo slices and fish stomach pieces. Cook it for about two minutes. Drain all the water, and put all the stuff onto the goldfish-shaped dish, which has the "goldfish" and the duck's webs.

The sauce is made as follows: boil the 200 grams of broth and remove the boiling foams. Add some yellow wine, fine salt and a little bit of corn powder. Lastly, add chicken oil. The sauce is added onto the goldfish dish.

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