Stewed Deer Horn Pieces with Three DelicaciesStewed Deer Horn Pieces with Three Delicacies traces its history back to the ancient dynasties in China. It is delicious with excellent nutrition value. It is made of 20 grams of deer horn pieces and 250 grams each for shark's fin, beche-de-mer, dried scallops and chicken meat. Now it has become a famous soup dish in Beijing.

The deer horn should be cut into pieces that for 0.5 to 3 mm each, and to be softened through soaking in Chinese liquor of 35 to 55 alcohol percentages for about one hour.

Cooking method : add seasonings to deer horn pieces and dried scallops, and steam. Beche-de-mer and shark's fin should be drenched in boiled hot water, and then slice the chicken meat into very small pieces, as well as add egg white and seasonings. Lastly, put a pot of all the stuff with soup into to the steam cauldron to steam for about one hour.


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