Braised Shark's Fin in Yellow Wine Sauce (黄焖鱼翅) is a delicacy from the Tan's Family Cookbook in Beijing, China. In late Qing Dynasty, imperial official Tan Zongjun (谭宗浚) was a gourmet. He loved delicious food from all around the world. He also liked to invite his colleagues to sample great dishes. His son was a gourmet too.

The hostess of the family in order to cater the taste of Tans, she learnt very hard from local ancient cooking methods. She also improved these cooking styles. Eventually, her method became "Tan's Family Cuisine". It fame went strong throughout Beijing. Many imperial cadres liked to hold banquets at Tan's family and invite important guests. Beijing people all knew about Tan's Cuisine in 1930s and 1940s. Now Tan's Family Cuisine has about 100 distinguished recipes.

Shark's fin from Luzon of the Philippines is used for the famous Tan's dish. The fin has fat inside that is full of nutritious gelatine.

The Shark's fin has to be drenched, cooked and scratched a few times to remove the unwanted rotten parts, bones and the stinky smell. However, the shape of the fin should be maintained while doing the cleaning process. In the cauldron, put two pairs of chopsticks, and above them, put a bamboo frame on. Place the shark's fin and another bamboo frame on the top of which. A chicken and a duck, which are completed cleaned, with Jinhua Ham and dried scallops, put into the cauldron. Boil with water, and then braise for three to four hours. Pick up the duck, add some water and continue to braise for two to three hours. This is to make the shark's fin soft. Pick up the chicken and bring it into a fry pan, put also the fin, ham and the original soup. When boiling, add yellow wine, white sugar and fine salt. Cook for about 15 minutes, and add the soup one more time.

Tan Homely Food (Tan Jia Cai), tel.: 65137766, Beijing International Hotel, take bus no. 1, 4, 10, 52 or 103 and get off at Wangfujing Bus Stop.

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