Renmin University of China Renmin University of China is a state-level comprehensive and investigative university, under the direct management of Ministry of Education. It is co-established by Beijing Municipal Government and Ministry of Education. The former identity of Renmin University was Shanbei College born in 1937 and North China United University as well as North China University. In 1950, Renmin University of China was opened officially to be the first new-style formal university of the People’s Republic of China. The famous educationists like Wu Yuzhang, Cheng Fangwu, and Yuan Baohua and so on acted as the president in succession. Currently the president of university is Ji Baocheng, a professor.

In the long-term education practice, the members of Renmin University of China carried forward the campus spirit of study for people and nation. Renmin University of China has a close association with China’s Communist Party. It is directly established by China’s Communist Party before 1949. Currently many political leaders or high officials of China’s government are graduated from this red university. Actually it has the total different meaning compared with Peking University and Tsinghua University. In the public of China, people used to think the graduates of Renmin university of China were destined to be the public servants and the government officials. Even in non-governmental analysis of Chinese university, People identify Renmin University of China as the cradle of Chinese government officials. So other than Peking University and Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China is also the top selection of Chinese people for further education or job-oriented training.

About China’s Education, Tsinghua University and Peking University are always the topic for talk or dialogue. Because in people’s viewpoints, the students of both have won in their life crucial competition for better life, career as well as the social status. At least most of them will be the hot people in China. They will be the backbones of Chinese literature, news, research centers, and science and technology development. The graduates of both will be always respected and thought to be the authorities of China. There is an informal saying going like this. To be the official, please go to Renmin University of China; to be the scholar and master, please go to Peking University and to be the scientist or engineer, please go to Tsinghua University. According to this comparison, you can see the level and importance of Renmin University of China in Chinese people’s educational demand.

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