Communication University of China Communication University of China was originally named Beijing Broadcasting College is one of universities under”221 projects” construction. It directly belongs to Ministry of Education. Communication University of China is involved in the high-level talents education and scientific research in the fields of broadcasting, television, film, paper, publication, network and new media. It is famous nationwide for its journalism and Radio and television Art. Currently the campus is located at the side of ancient canal in the east downtown of Beijing.

Today, Communication University of China has 13 schools and four Centers for Post-doctorate Studies, 24 doctorates and 48 master programs. Communication University of China is known to be the cradle of Chinese Media Talents. This university does a great contribution to the consultation, science & technology innovation and industrial development for government policy decision in press community. Besides, the distance and further education colleges are both also established by message teaching, night teaching, and modern distance education. It also fabricates a branched college in Nanjing called Nanguang College as an independent college in the management of Communication University of China.

Due to this reason, Communication University of China is the most attractive and charming university in China for its handsome and pretty students. Most of them are girls with eye-catching look. It is also a popular university among the youth who want to be a famous host or hostess in some big or authoritative TV or Broadcasting Stations.

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