Beijing Foreign Studies University Beijing Foreign Studies University is a famous university in China professionally educating the special talents of foreign languages. It is the most influential and powerful in this field of China. The campus occupies an area of 304,553 square meters, with a library of 9997 square meters. The university is also popularly known as Bei Wai, in the eyes of the public. In China there are two famous foreign language study universities, and the other one is Shanghai International Studies University(It is called Shang Wai in short), other than Bei Wai.

Beijing Foreign Studies University evolved from the Yan'an School of Foreign Languages based on the Russian Language Unit of the Third Branch of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College. The latter was established by the Communist Party of China in response to the development of the war against the Japanese invasion. Ever since its initiation, the Party Central Committee and the late Chinese leaders, including Chairman Mao and Zhou Enlai, the former premier, have provided great care and teachings for the development of the university. BFSU has been China's principal base offering training in foreign language learning and teaching. BFSU was affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from its establishment to the early 1980s and it is currently a key university under the Ministry of Education. In China, entering Beijing Foreign Studies University is deemed to be an honor to the winner and his or her family. The graduates of this university never worry about their jobs or survival but how to select the best among many good jobs or industries. Besides, annually, many graduates are selected to be the staff of China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry. So in China, if you want to be a diplomat or ambassador to any other country, studying in this university is a satisfactory selection.

BFSU aims at developing into a world class university known for its excellence in language learning/research and multi-disciplinary studies and providing learning opportunities that cater to the growing needs in Chinese society for well-trained and competent professionals with high levels of proficiency in foreign languages. In Beijing, Beijing Foreign Studies University is always a noted university under thousands of people’s striving and struggle, especially the women.



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