Beijing Film Academy is one of cradles of Chinese film industry since the foundation of People’s Republic of China in 1949. Many famous movie stars, directors and movies came out from this campus. The Beijing Film Academy is a full-time, higher professional school of film and art. Its forerunner is the Performance Art Institution of the Film Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, which was founded in May 1950, and changed its name to the Film School of the Film Bureau of the Ministry of Culture in July 1951 and Beijing Film School in March 1953. The school was finally renamed the Beijing Film Academy on June 1, 1956.

The Youth Studio of the Beijing Film Academy was founded in 1979 and has produced a number of remarkable works in past 20 years. Such numbers include: Come Fly with Me, Neighbors, A Girl from Hunan, The Story of Qiuju, Black Stallion, Red Cherry, King of Masks and The Days without a Hero. For 40 years many of the academy's graduates have won international acclaim in the movies. Xie Tian, Chen Qiang, Yu Yang, Wu Yigong, Huang Shuqin, Wu Tianming, Xie Fei, Zheng Dongtian, Ni Zhen, Ding Yinmeng, Li Qiankuan, Cao Cuifen, Huang Jianxin, Wei Lian, Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimo are some of the most famous names in the business called the Uprising of the Fifth-Generation Directors of China. Some of their most famous films include: Sun Yat-sen; Red Sorghum; Chongqing Negotiations; Old Well; Yi Ge Dou Bu Neng Shao; So Near, Yet So Far; The Drive To Win; Youth Sacrifice; and My Father and Mother. Some of these works have won domestic and international awards. The associated assignments for graduation, Lottery, Memory of the Childhood and Gone with the Wind, have won Oscar nominations from international universities, including the Special Director award at the Tokyo Movie Festival of International Universities.

Currently, many star dreamers are eager to enter this academy, especially many youngsters all round China. Annual entrance examination is really popular and competitive, and tens of thousands of candidates from different place of China gathered here for their dream realization. This is another academic center in China for Chinese movie industry development.



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