Beijing JJ Discotheque boasts a fantastic decoration. It pursues the most natural and modern style in order to present itself to the customers as the most ideal and comfortable recreational center in Beijing. JJ has done its possible to make all things perfect. With its special sign standing out from the rest, you could easily find it. The big parking lot provides free parking spaces. It has three observation floors around the shining dance floor. The first floor is equipped with high back bar chairs, which are extremely favored by young people. On the second and third floors are soft and comfortable sofas. There you can get seated, relax, and watch people dancing excitedly. Beijing JJ Discotheque also offers KTV services. Its comfortable KTV boxes as well as the dynamic music will certainly lead you to refreshment.

Website :
Address : No. 74-76, North Avenue, Xinjiekou, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
Tel. : +86(0)10-66130350 / 66189305


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