Xiannongtan is the place of emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties to worship the farming god and practice the farming. Xiannongtan is located at the west side of meridian and the south area of Xuanwu District. It is far opposite to Temple of Heaven. In 2001, Xiannongtan as the ancient architecture was ranked the cultural relics in the fifth batch under the state-level protection. In 1420, Xiannongtan was established in the south suburb of Beijing, at that time, it was called Chuanshantan, and in 1530, it was rebuilt to be two temples comprised of the Heaven Temple and Earth Temple. Later on it was restored in succession and much architecture is also added. Xiannongtan as the world change became declined and later many buildings were removed. In 1916, Xiannongtan was defined to be the Chengnan Park, and in 1936, it was named Xiannongtan Sports Ground. Currently Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum is located there.

The main architecture of Xiannongtan is comprised of Xiannongtan, Taisuidian and Tianshendiditan. Xianong Worshipping and Farming Practice were the tradition derived from the Zhou Dynasty, but at that early time, it was not done annually. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, they were the important ceremonies of the nation. Each year, the emperor with many officials practiced the farming to show the world the importance and significance of the agriculture.


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