Located in the northwest of Beijing, west of Yuanmingyuan Garden and the east of Yuquan Hill, Qingyi Garden has a total area of 290 hectares. Among it, Longevity Hill covers one third of the total area. Qingyi Garden is a natural garden highlighted its natural scenery of water and hills. Starting from 1750, 29 years were spent until 1764. North part of Longevity Hill shows erecting alone, and on the hill, a large number of architectural attractions were collectively established there. The south side of Qingyi Garden is Kunming Lake. In 1860, Qingyi Garden was seriously destroyed by Britain-France allied aggressive army. Latterly Queen Mother Cixi embezzled 20 million Liang silvers to restore this garden, and originally this wealth was planned to navy establishment. In 1888, the restoration was completed and its structure was also the original. Since then it was renamed Summer Palace in general.

According to its features and location, Qingyi Garden could be categorized into four parts: part one is the Renshou Palace Complex (Benevolence-Longevity Palace Complex) at the east side of Longevity Hill. The part two is the front side of Longevity Garden. This is the major architecture collection area. Centering on Paiyun Palace and Foxiang Pavilion, it is surrounded by many small-sized building complexes. Foxiang Pavilion is an eight-square from with four stories. Foundation on the big stone, it is very eye-catching. Part three is the rear hill and rear lake of the Longevity Hill. The part four is the south-section lake and west-section lake of Kunming Lake. There are many isles in the lake, and many forms of architecture and bridges on the lakes. Especially the seventeen-hole bridge and six bridges of west causeway lead people to the water villages of southern China. The gardening art of Qingyi Garden establishment reflects many features of royal palaces in mid term of Qing Dynasty, such as the usage of the axes, glazed tile, large size and color diversity to show the imperial manner and so on.

The general layout of Qingyi Garden is learned from many famous attractions in southern China, such as the Su Causeway in West Lake of Hangzhou is the model of west causeway. Yuyang Tower in Hunan province is the model of the Jingming Tower; Jichangyuan Garden in Wuxi is the model of Huishan Garden and so on. This is a big garden with all the skills in gardening of China.

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