Jingyi Garden is located on the Fragrance Hill, northwest side of Beijing. Jingyi Garden is a temporary royal garden-style palace based on the mountainous area. Fragrance Hill has the diversities of hill peaks and gullies as well as the thick woods. It is a part of West Mountain in Beijing. The main peak is Xianglu peak (literally, censer peak). In the folk, this peak is publicly called Anxiety from Ghost at its First Glance. The total height above sea level is 557 meters. In 1186, a temple named Fragrance-Hill Temple was fabricated here. In Ming dynasty, also many temples were established successively, among those temples, Fragrance-Hill Temple is the most magnificent one. Therefore Fragrance Hill became one famous scenic zone in the northwest side of Beijing. During the reign of Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty(662-1722), nearby Fragrance Hill, a temporary palace was built and named Fragrance Hill Royal Palace. In 1745, during the reign of Emperor Qian Long in Qing Dynasty, Fragrance Hill Royal Palace was enlarged and in 1746, it was finished and renamed Jingyi Garden. This large-scale garden highlighted the natural landscape and forest taste is comprised of inner wall, outer wall and additional wall. The total area is roughly 153 hectares. The number of large-sized and small-sized architectures in gardens in total is over 50. The title “28 Attractions” named by Emperor Qian Long is currently famous among the attractions in China.

The inner wall is near to the foot of Mountain is the quintessential area of the main architectures of Jingyi Garden. Diversities of architecture such as palace, temples, mansions, halls, corridors, pavilions and garden-style yards enrich the attractions and beautify the whole hill. The outer wall covers the largest area and is the hill area with few buildings. But the attractions named Xishan Qingxue(Sunny Snow of West Hill) is one of Eight Views of Yanjing. Additional wall has two architectural complexes: Jianxin Mansion and Zhaomiao Temple. Jianxin Mansion was established during the time from 1522 to 1566. There is a semi-round water pool. Near to the water pool, there are three buildings. Zhaomiao Temple is a large Buddhist temple specially for commemorating the arrival of Panchen IV from Lhasa to Beijing. This temple is strongly characterized by the architectural styles both of Han and Tibetan Nationalities. Behind the temple, a seven-storey glazed brick pagoda with beautiful design and color. In 1860 and 1900, Jingyi Garden was twice destroyed and fired by foreign aggressors. The architecture except Jianxin Mansion and Zhaomiao Temple have been completely collapsed

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