Jingming Garden of Yuquan Hill belongs to the cultural relics under the Beijing Municipal protection. Jingming Garden of Yuquan Hill is located the west side of Kunming Lake of Summer Palace in Haiding District, northwest part of Beijing city. Jingming Garden covers 75 hectares and water area covers 13 hectares. It is a part of the classical tourist destinations, traditionally called Three Hill and Five Gardens.

Here, In Song Dynasty (actually Beijing at that time was administrated by Man nationality, and historically the historian named that time Jin Dynasty), a building named Lotus Palace, also named Yuquan Temporary Palace (generally this palace just the preparatory mansion for emperors vacation in the special time roughly in summer or winter each year, which just like U.S.A president’s annual holiday in other mansions except white house). In Ming dynasty, roughly the time from 1506 to 1521, the upper Huayan Temple and the lower Huayan Temple were fabricated. In 1680, Kangxi, the emperor of Qing Dynasty established the royal temporary palace here, and originally named it Dengxin Garden. In 1692, he renamed it Jingming Garden. During the reign time of Emperor Qian Long, Jingming Garden was largely expanded and finally 16 Attractions in Jingming Garden were formed. It was the peak time of Jingming Garden. In the years of 1860 and 1900, Jingming Garden was twice fired by the Eurasian aggressors. After Qing Dynasty was overthrown, it was serving as the place of Yuquan Mountain Fizz-water Company but it was still opened as a tourist attraction.

After 1949, it was used by the governmental organs, and Jingming Garden got restored largely. In the garden many attractions are available. Such as Yuanquan Spring crowned as the No.1 Spring on earth, Yuquan Chuihong (Hanging Rainbow above Yuquan Spring) as one of eight attractions of Yanjing, Yufeng Pagoda with a height of 47 meters on the top peak of Yuquan Hill, Huazang Pagoda ans Dengzhao Pass and so on. In 2006, as the ancient architecture of Qing Dynasty, Jingming Garden was approved to be the sixth batch of important cultural relics under the state-level protection.

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