Traditionally, The full name of the Zhonghedian(The Hall of Central Harmony) is closely connected with Confucius idea that it means the impartiality or mean to show a proper and restrained way of handling things. Zhonghedian(The Hall of Central Harmony) is one of three halls in administrative zone of the Forbidden City. It is located between Baohedian and Taihedian. Zhonghedian(The Hall of Central Harmony) used to play a role for Emperor’s rest before they participated in the National Ceremony in Taihedian. It is also the place the emperor received the official’s worshipping and greeting. On some special days such as Heaven and Earth Sacrifice Ceremonies held in Temple of Heaven and Temple of Earth, the Emperor used to stay one day in advance in Zhonghedian(The Hall of Central Harmony) to check the greeting article. Before the emperor went to the Altar of Agriculture for offering the sacrifice, the seeds intended for spring sowing and the ploughs were examined here, just to show the emperor's concern for agriculture. According to the rule, the imperial genealogy should be revised every ten years. The ceremony of presenting the genealogy to the emperor for revision and approval would also be held here. The emperor's throne is in the middle with the incense burners in front of it. There are two braziers on both sides burning the best quality of charcoal for heat in winter. There used to be two sedan chairs exhibited here on both sides, which were used by the emperors in the Forbidden City during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

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