In 1887, under the threat of Queen Mother Ci Xi, Emperor Guangxu had no other choice but to pick out Emperor Longyu, Concubine Jinfei and Concubine Zhenfei. Gradually he fell in love with Concubine Zhenfei, who was a smart, kind and beautiful lady; but stood off with Empress Longyu, who was the niece of Ci Xi. Moreover, Concubine Zhen Fei in politics supported Emperor Guangxu to reform, so she was hated extremely by Ci Xi when she was deeply loved by Emperor Guangxu.

In 1898, Wuxu Reform failed mostly because of the opposition from Ci Xi and old school. Since then Ci Xi mastered the governmental power again, and had Concubine Zhenfei under house arrest in a yard in the back of Jingqige. Concubine Zhenfei since then was forbidden to meet Emperor Guangxu.

In 1900, Eight-Power Allied Forces drove into Beijing; Ci Xi held Empress Guangxu under duress and fled to Xian. Before their leave, she never forgot to let Concubine Zhenfei die. She ordered the eunuch governor to discharge Concubine Zhenfei and she also demanded Concubine Zhenfei to commit suicide via throwing themselves into well under the color of avoiding desecration when western aggressors entered Beijing. This eunuch leader had a nickname of Cuiminggui (催命鬼, A ghost that pushes one to their death. Metaphorically: Someone cruel and merciless such as a bully, a nasty official, or creditor who demands immediate payment, or a doctor who is not qualified and therefore kills.). He came to the yard where Concubine Zhenfei was confined, and announced the order of Ci Xi. Concubine Zhenfei did not agree and met Ci Xi. To the teeth, she criticized Ci Xi, and Ci Xi was extremely angry, and then demanded the fellows to throw Concubine Zhenfei into the well. Also Ci Xi ordered the fellows to cover the well with a round stone. After Concubine died, her body was dunked in water for more than a year until the next year. With the effort of Concubine Jinfei, her body was got out of water. The ladies in waiting were very sad when they saw Concubine Zhenfei’s body. Later on for in memory of Concubine Zhenfei, the well was named Zhenfei Well. It was said that at night people could hear cry from well.

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