As one of west six palaces in living zone of Forbidden City, Yikungong is the residential place of the concubines of Ming and Qing dynasties. It was established in 1417, and initially called Wanangong and later on it was finally renamed Yikungong. Yikungong experiences lots of times retoration. Originally it was a double-yard building. The favorite concubine Yifei of Emperor Kangxi lived here for a long time (maybe most of readers never know who she was. I suggest watching Kang Xi Incognito Travel Tale, a popular TV play series).

Scary Hearsay
Historically, west six palaces, including Chuxiugong, Yikungong, Yongshougong, Xianfugong, Changchungong and Taijidian were the residences of concubines of Qing dynasty. Empress Dowager Ci Xi lived in the west six palaces for more than half life. Over there, many unexplainable stories happened and many people died there. As we all know, just some parts of Forbidden City are publicly opened, and most is still in closure. For the exact reasons, nobody can give a dependable answer. At night in Forbidden City, somebody have seen many strange small monsters, which was said to be the holy guard animals, also some have seen the eunuchs and the ladies in waiting. Besides, at five o’clock, it is always the time for closing of Forbidden City. It is said that is the most mysterious time and many scaring phenomena would appear. Also it is said that the site-clearing is done by demi-wolf. In the recent years, some teams liking exploring the ghost-living buildings can not succeeded in entering Forbidden City at night. The total area of Forbidden City is over 720,000 square meters. At present, the non-opening area is nearly 400, 000 square meters.

The rumor is at midnight the ghosts who died of the wrong judgment or treatment always came out for wandering. In some small passageways, there are some female ghosts liking scragging human’s necks. It was said that during the time of liberation in 1949, overnight stayers in Forbidden City always disappeared unreasonably. However, according to some hearsay, someone see the human-profile shadow on the wall in the raining and thundering, exactly like a woman bowing down to get something. Besides, at 2 or 3 o’clock, the cry of woman was always available.

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