Yanxigong(Palace of Prolonging Happiness) is one of the east six palaces in inner zone of Forbidden City and located on the east side of East Second Street (Dongerchangjie). It was built in 1420 with the first name of Longevity Palace and in 1535 it was changed to be Yanqi Palace. Finally it was called Yanxigong(Palace of Prolonging Happiness) in Qing Dynasty. In 1686, it was restored. It used to be the living residence of concubines of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

In 1845, it was burnt down. In 1909, on its original site, there was a new building, a western-style and three-story buildings. It officially was called Shuidian or Water Hall. The building was surrounded by water pools from Yuquanshan Hill.

In fact, all the structures of the hall were iron; four columns circled by dragons in the hall of Yanxigong(Palace of Prolonging Happiness) were also made by irons. The whole architecture mostly was made by white marbles. The outer wall of Yanxigong(Palace of Prolonging Happiness) has the carved flower images and the inner wall was pasted with white and colorized ceramic bricks but the construction was forced to finish in winter of 1911 due to fund shortage. In June of 1910, Cixi once ordered to install electric warming oven, electric fan and electric lights. Exactly Yanxigong(Palace of Prolonging Happiness) was the first armored concrete building in Forbidden City. In 1917, it was bombed by warlords and in 1931 it was changed to be the storeroom of cultural antiques of Palace Museum, which is another official name of Forbidden City.

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