Yangxingdian(Hall of Spiritual Cultivation) is located behind the Ningshougong (Palace of Tranquil Longevity). It is one of the major buildings of the rear living architectures in Ningshougong (Palace of Tranquil Longevity). In 1772, Yangxingdian(Hall of Spiritual Cultivation) was built and resembled Yangxindian (Hall of Mental Cultivation). Yangxingdian(Hall of Spiritual Cultivation) has a Xieshanding-style roof with the yellow glazed tile. Yangxingdian(Hall of Spiritual Cultivation) was used as the living house of the former emperor or current Emperor’s father. During the reign time of Emperor Guangxu, Ci Xi used to take breakfast and supper in Yangxingdian(Hall of Spiritual Cultivation).
Ci Xi had eating for four times per day. Breakfast she took was roughly at 10 o’clock and supper at five o’clock at noon. Except two formal meals, there were also two subsidiary eatings. The spending was immense for the diet of Ci Xi, besides, the diets were also diverse. The expenditure for Ci Xi’s eating was one of the important items in whole palace spending. Shoushanfang was a special kitchen only for her, and the staff working in this kitchen was more than 300. The dinner Ci Xi ate was divided into five courses, which were comprised of meat course, vegetable course, dim-sum course, rice course and mix course. There were also the rigid regulations and severe punishments for the service of ladies in waiting, and eunuchs as well as the dinner making. Also there was an informal regulation in the palace that Ci Xi just took three scoops of the cuisines, in despite of the cuisine she liked best. Why did she do like this? It was said that she did not want anybody else to know her preference of eating to avoid somebody putting the poison into cuisine.

By the way, Ci Xi also liked meeting the foreign ambassadors, consuls and their wives in Yangxingdian(Hall of Spiritual Cultivation).

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