Yangxindian, in English literally translated into Hall of Metal Cultivation, is the most important architecture besides the Taihedian(Hall of Supreme Harmony) of Qing Dynasty. Since the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, the emperors of Qing dynasty dealt with national affairs and met their private audiences here. Historically, the hall of Yangxiandian (Hall of Mental Cultivation) was used as the audience chamber for the emperor to read documents and summon his ministers for consultation. The throne of emperor is located in the center of hall. There are the bookshelves behinds the throne on the both sides for preserving books themed with experiences and education, and these books used to be read by emperors when they were tired after or in handling the national affairs. The plaque above the throne bears four Chinese Characters”中正仁和”, which means justness and benevolence. The characters were created by Emperor Yongzheng. The west chamber of the Hall of Metal Cultivation was the place where the emperor read reports, signed the documents and discussed military and political affairs with his officials. In 1746, Emperor Qianlong kept his three precious calligraphy masterpieces by Wangxizhi, Wangxianzhi and Wang Xun in this chamber, hence the name "Room of Three Rare Treasures(三希堂)".The east chamber was the place where empress Dowager Cixi Gave audience behind a screen during the reigns of Emperor Tongzhi (1862-1874) and Guangxu (1875-1908). Besides, here was also the important place for Empress Dowager Cixi announced officially to world about her abdication.

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