Wuyingdian(Hall of Martial Valor) was initially established in the early time of Ming Dynasty. In the early Ming Dynasty, Emperors’ abstinence and meeting with officials were both here. During the reign time of Emperor Kang Xi, the book collection was done here .
Chinese First Fire Brigade Begun from Wuyingdian (Hall of Martial Valor)

On 11, 11 1889, government of Qing dynasty set up Jitongchu (Jitong Department, another name of Fire Brigade) with 200 firemen as the palace fire brigade. Jitong was a kind of fire suppression tool. But, why did government of Qing dynasty set up fire brigade at the south of Wuyindian? The reason was that Wuyingdian (Hall of Martial Valor) was the place for book editing and preserving. It was the center of culture and academy. Here, thousands of editors and staff worked. It is exactly the academic center of royal family.

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