Qinandian(Hall of Imperial Peace) is located in the imperial garden and on the axle wire from north to south. It was established in Ming Dynasty and in 1535 it formed after wall was built. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, there used to be three rooms but later dismantled. The Hall of Imperial Peace is the main building in the Imperial Garden and also the only religious building built along the central axis,which is located inside the Tian Ti Gate. It is a Taoist temple and inside the hall the statue of the King of Xuan Wu, made of gilded bronze, used to be enshrined. Xuan Wu was believed to be the God of Water who could prevent the palace buildings from catching fire. On the first day of each Chinese lunar year, the first and fifteenth day of every month in the lunar calendar, and at the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter every year, a table with a tablet of King of Xuan Wu was set up for the emperor to come here for offering sacrifices to the God of Water. Mostly, many buildings like Qinandian(Hall of Imperial Peace) partially acted as the role of religion.
Qinandian(Hall of Imperial Peace)

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