Junjichu(Office of Grand Council of State)(军机处), a government office of Qing Dynasty, is a most powerful institution in the mid and late period of Qing Dynasty. In 1729 for battling in northwest, Emperor Yongzheng established his cabinet located beside Taihemen. For avoiding the leakage of the top military secret, a house was specially offered. The officials worked in the house served as the assistant of Emperor. In 1732, it was officially named Jujichu. The setting of Junjichu(Office of Grand Council of State) was a great reform in government structure of Qing dynasty, and was considered to be the climax of Emperor’s authoritarianism. The major official in Junjichu(Office of Grand Council of State) was called Junji Minister (军机大臣) and Junjijingzhang(军机章京). The Junji Minister traditionally was elaborately selected from the officials of the government or preferred Junjijingzhang. There was no fixed number of Junji Ministers. At the beginning, there were three and later increased to five or six. At its peak time, the total number was up to 11 people.

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