Jiulongbi(九龙壁) is one of the screens, which traditionally was called Zhaoqiao(照墙) or Zhaobi(照壁) used to be the wall before the mid-front of the main gate. Conventionally, the inside of the gate is called Yin “隐” and the outside of the gate is called”避”,so this wall is also called Yingbi(影壁). Currently, there are four nine-dragon screens in China; the other three of them are in Datong of Shanxi province, Wuxi of Jiangsu province and Beihai Park of Beijing. Jiulongbi is located outside Huangjimen in Forbidden City. The total length is 29.4 meters and 3.5 meters high and 0.45 meter thick. In Chinese tradition, nine is the top number and five is the intermediate, so the “Nine-Five” Regulation is an important show of the power of the emperors.

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