Jiaotaidian (Hall of Union) is one of three palaces in living zone of Forbidden City, and is located between Qianqinggong (Palace of Heavenly Purity) and Kunninggong ( Palace of Earthly Tranquility). Its name was directly from a famous ancient book named Book of Changes and its meaning is that the union of earth and heaven can bring happiness, harmony, health, and peace. Roughly it was established in Ming Dynasty, and restored in 1655 and 1669. In 1797, it was destroyed by a large fire and in 1798 it was rebuilt. Jiaotaidian (Hall of Union) was the place for the empress to be greeted and congratulated by officials nationwide on her birthday. In Qing Dynasty, there were 25 treasured and authorized seals preserved in this hall, and each seal had a special use. In first lunar month of each year, the special official would select a good day to show these treasures and emperor also came here to show respects. Additionally, there was a standing iron board with Chinese characters” 内宫不许干预政事”( The empress, concubines, and eunuchs living and working in Forbidden City could not interfere into the national affairs). In spring each year, there used to be a ceremony or rite for sacrificing to silkworm at Jiaotaidian (Hall of Union) , and empress at the day before the ceremony would be here to check the tools of picking leaves of mulberry.
Jiaotaidian Hall of Union

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