Fengxiandian(Hall of Ancestral Worship), located in the east side of the inner zone of Forbidden City, used to be the imperial family memorial of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was initially established in early Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty inherited such a function. In 1657 it was reestablished and also gotten restored for many times. Fengxiandian(Hall of Ancestral Worship) was built on the white base and it was shown in the form of Chinese Character”工”,and all sides are surrounded by the high walls. The front section is the main hall and the rear section is the residential hall. The front hall has the total area of 1225 square meters. It is the double-eave wudianding roof covered with yellow glazed tiles. In the hall, there is a throne. On the days of the national ceremonies, spring festival and other important festivals or big days, the large-scale rites would be held.
Fengxiandian(Hall of Ancestral Worship)

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