Baohedian(Hall of Preserving Harmony) is one of three grand halls in the administrative zone in Forbidden City. Baohedian(Hall of Preserving Harmony) is located at the back of Zhonghedian and it was established in 1420. Its original name was Jinshen Dian but suffered the fire disaster. Later after restoration, it was renamed Jianji Dian, and in Qing Dynasty it was finally named Baohedian(Hall of Preserving Harmony), which means the integration of soul and aim to keep the harmony of the world, and then people can enjoy the pleasure and longevity and the society can be stabilized for ever. Emperor Qian Long wrote four Chinese characters“皇建有极” on the board which is hung in the hall.

Baohedian(Hall of Preserving Harmony) has a total architectural area of 1240 square meters and height of 29.5 meters. The roof belongs to the double-eave Xieshanding covered with the yellow glazed tiles. On the upper and lower eave-corners, there are 9 little animal sculptures. The outer decoration is extremely delicate and luxurious. The inside of the hall is paved by the golden bricks. Inside has the fitment of throne, warming rooms and many well-preserved wares.

Baohedian(Hall of Preserving Harmony) has the different uses in Ming and Qing dynasties. In Ming dynasty, before the national ceremony, Emperors used to change their garments here. Also Emperor also received the greetings and congratulations from officials or officers when he formally enthroned the empress and prince. In Qing Dynasty, on the eves of New Year and lunar Lantern Festival, the emperor used to present the banquets to kings of minorities, maharajas and high-level officials and officers. The occasion is extremely splendid.
Baohedian(Hall of Preserving Harmony)

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